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Missy’s Operation Lily Pad (Missy the Werecat #6)

Missy's Operation Lily Pad by P.G. Allison My rating: 2 of 5 stars The story isn't great, and the prose is terrible.The grammar is atrocious yet SO consistent, I wonder if the writer speaks a bona fide alien language. The list of errors and distractions is too long to mention all of them. There's always a comma after "and", "then", "so", and "but". Nearly all those commas are wrong, thousands of them. (It's correct only when followed by a parenthetical expression.) Many sentences, almost half, begin with one of those words. That's supposed to happen in order to connect a sentence to the one before it, but the writer often does it for no reason. "And, question marks when it's…
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Immortal Dawn by Bradly Byykkonen

Immortal Dawn is a better version of what many good sciFi works tried to be, especially “Star Wars” and “Stranger in a Strange Land” — without being in any way a copy of them. The dahl’tyar is a better version of the Force, the dahlu’nar are a better version of the Jedi (who are incredibly ineffectual until they turn evil), and the isola’nar are better versions of the uselessly suicided (in effect) Obi-Wan Kenobi. Qassi, the 14-yr-old heroine, is already awesome as a mortal, and later she’s a better version of Heinlein’s Michael Valentine — infinitely self-aware and destined to lead others to enlightenment. I’d change very little, but I do have a list of minor items. I loved the book, and I recommend…
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