Missy’s Operation Lily Pad (Missy the Werecat #6)

Missy's Operation Lily Pad (Missy the Werecat #6)Missy’s Operation Lily Pad by P.G. Allison
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The story isn’t great, and the prose is terrible.

The grammar is atrocious yet SO consistent, I wonder if the writer speaks a bona fide alien language. The list of errors and distractions is too long to mention all of them. There’s always a comma after “and”, “then”, “so”, and “but”. Nearly all those commas are wrong, thousands of them. (It’s correct only when followed by a parenthetical expression.) Many sentences, almost half, begin with one of those words. That’s supposed to happen in order to connect a sentence to the one before it, but the writer often does it for no reason. “And, question marks when it’s not a question?” That’s a good example. Seeing it occasionally would be no big deal, but this writer loves his/her errors. “How” is used when it ISN’T about the method of doing something, usually when “that” would be appropriate. “Which” is used when it isn’t necessary — a faux pas, not an error, but annoying.

“Special” is used so often, I wonder if the writer knows what it means, “very” is overused, characters laugh when there’s nothing funny (even when the issue they’re talking about is deadly serious), and all the women are in “very special” sexy relationships with their soulmates. Every major character has a soulmate. Isn’t that special?

As for the story … was there a story? I suppose there was, but it’s hard to notice through that thicket of distractions. Suffice it to say, Missy can do anything.

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